Saturday, March 25, 2006

Book Review Teaser :: The Draco Tavern by Larry Niven

Draco TavernRecently added to Fantastic Reviews is Aaron's review of Larry Niven's latest book, the science fiction story collection The Draco Tavern.

From Aaron's review of The Draco Tavern:
"A fun subgenre of science fiction and fantasy is the intergalactic tavern story, in which different species or fantastic creatures gather together for a drink and to swap tall tales...."
"The Draco Tavern is a collection of Larry Niven's SF tavern stories, which Niven has been writing since 1977. In The Draco Tavern, Earth of the near future has been contacted by a galactic civilization teeming with different types of intelligent life. Dominant among these are the Chirpsithra, resembling twelve-foot tall lobsters, whose huge spacecraft facilitate interstellar trade. The Chirpsithra boast that they own the galaxy, but thankfully they prefer planets around red dwarf stars, so they have no interest in conquering Earth....Rick Schumann, our unflappable hero...builds a tavern to cater to the tastes of the various species visiting Earth...and before long every alien comes to Rick's."

To read the entire review: The Draco Tavern

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