Saturday, February 18, 2012

Battle of the Books, Winter 2012 :: Wrap-up

clapping handsThis concludes the Fantastic Reviews Winter 2012 Battle of the Books. Hope you enjoyed it!

Congratulations go out to Elizabeth Bear for Range of Ghosts, winner of our inaugural bracket of the 2012 Battle of the Books!

To see the whole bracket, click here.

Sixteen (16) new books were featured. These books and authors may be new to you, but after reading Aaron's descriptions and reviews, I hope some sparked your interest. I know that I, Amy, saw books that I was interested in reading.

Battles were decided on reading a sample of the book, many based on reading 25 pages or 50 pages. So if a book starts slow, it may have an uphill battle. And, of course, each judgment was subjective, based on which book the reviewer, Aaron, decided he'd rather continue reading.

Not all of the books are out now. So don't worry if you don't see them yet in your local book store. Here's a list of the books, alphabetically by author, with their publication dates.

Cat Adams, The Isis Collar (Tor) -- March 13, 2012
Elizabeth Bear, Range of Ghosts (Tor) -- March 27, 2012
Orson Scott Card, Shadows in Flight (Tor) -- January 17, 2012
Thomas K. Carpenter, Gamers (Black Moon) -- June 2011
Mark Chadbourn, Jack of Ravens (Pyr) -- March 27, 2012
David Constantine, The Pillars of Hercules (Night Shade) -- March 6, 2012
Charles de Lint, Eyes Like Leaves (Tachyon) -- February 2012
Sergey & Marina Dyachenko, The Scar (Tor) -- February 28, 2012
Andy Gavin, The Darkening Dream (Mascherato) -- January 14, 2012
Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson, Sisterhood of Dune (Tor) -- January 3, 2012
Mark Hodder, Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon (Pyr) -- January 24, 2012
Stina Leicht, And Blue Skies from Pain (Night Shade) -- March 6, 2012
Nathan Long, Jane Carver of Waar (Night Shade) -- March 6, 2012
J.M. McDermott, When We Were Executioners (Night Shade) -- January 31, 2012
Ari Marmell, Thief's Covenant (Pyr) -- Febuary 14, 2012
Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Boneyards (Pyr) -- January 24, 2012

Next week we'll be announcing the bracket for the Spring 2012 Battle of the Books.

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