Saturday, September 03, 2005

Book Review Teaser :: Eragon by Christopher Paolini

EragonOn Fantastic Reviews, the review for Eragon is the most visited review. This fantasy book by Christopher Paolini, first of a trilogy, is very popular with young-adults. In 2006 Eragon will be major movie release.

From Aaron Hughes' review of Eragon:
"A recent Paul Collins article in The Believer called "Read the Book That You Are Reading" urged reviewers to judge books only by their texts, disregarding any prior knowledge they have of the authors. I generally agree with this sentiment, but I would be doing Christopher Paolini no favors by following Collins' advice here. Now nineteen, Christopher Paolini wrote most of Eragon when he was only fifteen and sixteen, and the highest praise I can give the novel is to say that it is a remarkable effort for a sixteen-year-old."

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Fantastic Reviews said...

Another reviewer, Jackie, is writing another review of Eragon for Fantastic Reviews.

Michael said...

As a bookseller and fellow book blogger, I heartily commend you for not "jumping on the bandwagon" of praise for this and other child authors (Robert King, Emma Erquhart, Sophie Wainwright, etc.) It is a publishing phenom that will, hopefully, pass.

Aaron Hughes said...

Agreed. The sad thing is that Christopher Paolini really does have talent, but his premature success is likely to prevent him from developing as a writer as he should.