Saturday, March 08, 2008

Aaron's Book of the Week :: Glass Houses by Laura J. Mixon

Glass HousesAfter a couple weeks' hiatus (because I couldn't get my scanner to work), the Book of the Week is Glass Houses by Laura J. Mixon. This is the first printing, paperback original of the first book for adults by Laura Mixon, wife of our last BOTW author, Steven Gould. Glass Houses was a noteworthy work of cyberpunk, a subgenre we will return to in future BOTWs, but sadly the cyberpunk movement was nearly played out by 1992 -- its death knell came when non-SF geeks started using the term "cyberspace," signaling that it wasn't our playground any more.

Cyberpunk is another thing Hollywood has yet to get right, although the first Matrix film wasn't too far off. Next week's BOTW will be a science fiction novel that Hollywood did a more creditable job with recently.

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