Thursday, December 30, 2010

Book Review Teaser :: The Devil Inside by Jenna Black

cover of The Devil InsideNew on Fantastic Reviews is Amy's review of The Devil Inside by Jenna Black.

From Amy's book review of The Devil Inside :
"The Devil Inside by Jenna Black is book one of the Morgan Kingsley urban fantasy series. There are four more books in this series -- The Devil You Know, The Devil's Due, Speak of the Devil, and The Devil's Playground."

"I thought The Devil Inside would be about a female exorcist battling the Devil. But it isn't, even though it features demons. The Devil Inside is mainly about a heroine running from one bad situation to another while having a titillating sex life."

"The book's first-person protagonist, Morgan Kingsley, is a Philadelphia exorcist, although she only performs two exorcisms in this book. Morgan likes to dress daringly and she has a tattoo, which seems to be the norm for an urban fantasy heroine. Months earlier, bad guys drugged Morgan and got a demon inside her. Slowly she realizes that she is possessed, which is her worst nightmare. But her demon can't do anything initially, because Morgan is so strong...."

To read the entire review -> The Devil Inside


John Dax said...

Tattoos are required for urban fantasies. If that is taken out, my world view might crumble.

Luckily, in this cover the heroine is holding a flaming torch instead of a handgun or dagger behind her back.

Amy said...

Thanks for the funny comment about my urban fantasy book review!

By the way, I don't remember heroine holding a flaming torch in the book. But book cover art isn't known to be always accurate...