Sunday, January 23, 2011

Writers of the Future Field Completed

The Fourth Quarter results for the Writers of the Future contest have been released -- apparently the judging for this quarter was hurried along to accommodate moving the award ceremony up to the spring, so this quarter's finalists were deprived of the pleasure of waiting month after agonizing month for their results.

Huge congratulations to Jeffrey Lyman, Patrick O'Sullivan and Adam Perin. I'm looking forward to meeting you at the Writers of the Future workshop this spring.


Aaron Hughes said...

Hey, Jeff!

It should be fun, and I'll have a copy of Breach the Hull for you to sign.

Jeff Lyman said...

Wow, where'd you find that? We've been selling that book hand-to-hand at east coast conventions, but I have no idea how far it's travelled. They're releasing Book 3 in a couple of days. My winning story for WotF was supposed to be in book 3 but the military never showed up, which makes for a poor military science fiction story. I had to scramble to write a new story. I think it ended up better than my winning WotF story. :-)

Do you write any military SF?

Aaron Hughes said...

I compulsively hang out in used bookshops and memorize what they have on the shelves, so I remembered that title when I saw it in your bibliography.

No, I've never tried to write military SF, but then I haven't settled into any particular subgenre yet. Is that your favorite stuff to write?

Jeff Lyman said...

I've always written very gritty fantasy and urban fantasy - of the non-epic kind. It's sort of weird to start getting success finally with science fiction, because I wanted to build a fantasy career. :-)

Aaron Hughes said...

Jeff Lyman's initial comment was inadvertently deleted, but it read:

Looking forward to meeting you in three months too.

Should be an awesome experience.

- Jeff