Sunday, August 24, 2008

Aaron's Story Recommendations of the Week

One reason I've posted fewer book reviews at Fantastic Reviews in the past several months is that I've been reading a lot more short fiction instead of novels. Even with the occasional anthology or story collection review, most of the short fiction I read does not end up getting reviewed.

Never one to pass up a chance to be a blowhard, I've decided to divert some of that short fiction reading into this blog, in the form of story recommendation posts. While I will happily point out strong stories I run across from Asimov's or F&SF, hopefully many of the stories I recommend will be from publications some of you might not otherwise have thought to check out.

My initial goal is to try to point out one strong story per week. How long I can hold to that pace will depend on whether I continue reading so much short fiction and how much of it strikes me as particularly good. I am not going to bother posting about stories I dislike, because what is the point of directing your attention to stories you might have missed that aren't so good?

If you would like to suggest any particular stories or magazines to me, feel free to comment on this post or to e-mail me at

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