Monday, July 17, 2006

Aaron's Book of the Week :: Ace Double D-413

The Man with Nine LivesWe complete our tribute to Harlan Ellison with the 1960 first printing, paperback original of his fourth book and first science fiction book, Ace D-413. This book combines his short novel The Man with Nine Lives (cover art by Ed Emshwiller) and a collection of short stories titled A Touch of Infinity, which includes his frequently reprinted novella "Run for the Stars."

The reason for the two titles and covers is that this is from the old Ace Double series of books. Ace Doubles printed two books back-to-back -- flip one over and you see the other. Anyone who has held an Ace Double in his or her hand A Touch of Infinitywill agree that there is a compelling urge to open the book to the middle and find the page where the printing flips upside down. The Ace Double line included science fiction, mysteries, westerns, juvenile delinquent books, and mainstream fiction. The Book of the Week is among the more sought after of the Ace Double series, but nowhere close to the value of the most collectible Ace Double. And yes, Steve Merker, this one I have a copy of, as you will see next week.

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