Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Battle of the Books Status Report

battle books2012 was the inaugural year of the Fantastic Reviews Battle of the Books.

The good news: Everyone seems to enjoy the new format. We're having fun with it, the authors seem to like it, and traffic at the blog is way up.

The bad news: We've gotten behind.

At the start of the year, we planned on doing the Battle on a quarterly basis. We didn't quite keep up with that pace; we're still one post away from finishing the third 2012 Battle of the Books bracket. And it turns out we seriously underestimated the response we'd get from authors, publishers, and publicists. So we now have a large backlog. To tackle that backlog, we need to pick up the pace dramatically.

To that end, we'll announce the Fall 2012 Bracket tomorrow. Amy will post the championship of the Summer 2012 next week. And from that point, we will do a Battle of the Books post every other day until we catch up or we drop, whichever comes first.

So if you enjoy the Battle of the Books, check back here often, because we are going to be moving through brackets at a furious pace in the next few months!

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